Vision & Principles

Our Vision

We strive to pass on our cherished lands legacy to our children and grandchildren. This legacy is the beautiful tapestry of the Flathead’s lakes, rivers, farms and forests, all vital to our common natural heritage. These endowments are fundamental to the “Flathead Way of Life,” to our sense of place and of ourselves in this place, as well as to our community’s prosperity and economic vitality. Flathead Land Trust wants to ensure that generations to come will have opportunities similar to ours to live, work and play on this rich land.

Our Guiding Values

  • Our Sense of People and Place
    We believe in the inseparable relationships among our communities, their people and our natural resources. We treasure the Flathead’s natural bounty, comforted by its open vistas and mountain splendors that both invigorate our lives and expand our freedoms. As neighbors we share responsibility for sustaining this vibrant and diverse natural setting.
  • Our Waters Unite Us
    The Flathead Lake and River system is the heart of our natural legacy, nurturing us all by providing water for drinking, irrigation, and recreation. The long-term well being of our communities – our families, our towns and all who live in the watershed – depends on the health of our waters.
  • Support for Farm and Ranch Families
    We are fortunate that agriculture continues as a keystone of our community. Our rich soils and open spaces are gifts that should never be squandered. That’s why we help support strong farms and ranches and the families that work them by reducing the economic pressure on landowners to convert their lands to development.
  • Sound Resource Stewardship
    Visionary stewardship of our lands, waters, forests, wildlife habitat and open spaces – one of our most important responsibilities to future generations – enhances the lives of all and bolsters both our economy and our communities.
  • Enhanced Individual Choices
    Because individual freedom is the key to the Flathead way of life, we help provide landowners’ positive choices for the future of their lands. We collaborate with them to develop lasting, beneficial alternatives for voluntary protection of their most valuable resource – the land.
  • Encouragement for the Work of Others
    As facilitators and partners with landowners and other groups, we contribute expertise, technical assistance and support on behalf of projects that further our mission.
  • The Power of Education
    Through our education activities, we foster awareness of our shared “Flathead Heritage,” as well as our joint obligation to make sound decisions today to protect open spaces and unimpaired watersheds.
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